So What's the Catch, AudioPal?

You may be wondering why AudioPal is being offered for free and with no requirements to create an account or even subscribe to a newsletter. Here's why:

  1. 1. Because we can!
    Oddcast has pioneered online audio technology and apps for many years. We love the idea of website audio and we have the capability to offer it for free. We thought it would be fun to offer this service!
  2. 2. AudioPal Premium
    If enough people like & use AudioPal we may offer an enhanced paid version of the product. So, of you like AudioPal, spread the word by sharing it with others!
  3. 3. SitePal
    If you want to take website audio a step further, we'd love you to check out our other website, SitePal - the leading provider of speaking animated characters for professional websites.

If you'd like to connect with us online, feel free to visit AudioPal's Facebook Page.

The AudioPal Team